Ladies Dress 3 mm sequin Embroidery Design shared by Gayathri from TamilNadu

 We are getting so many e-mails containing Embroidery Designs and now we have so many times to spend on our website management,by the way, this one image contain 2 design each, The Design was actually shared by Gayathri from TamilNadu, who is embroidery Designer.

You can download similar Design on our website.

 Gayathri is creative Embroidery Designer likes to make attractive Embroidery design, We like the concept shared by Gayathri .

The peacock design in the image below is new type of patch 3 mm with more multi , it usually use as patch in saree's palu,dress's corner table cloth,parda all of them use as like.
Those design was actually receved on 27th May 2011, but due to lack of time and so many work load, we can not upload it by time, but now it has been uploaded.

The whole foldercontain 7.96 MB, you can download all mentioned design in the image by clicking on Download link below;