Daman Saree Pallu with Zari Embroidery Design Download

The provided designs are 5 mm Sequin embroidery designs with daman type.You can set lace at the bottom of the designs and butta in the middle of the designs.You can use the design in Indian dress and even in Indian Saree embroidery design.
 The provided designs are 5 mm sequin in daman type concept which is used and looks best in shut embroidery design.You can also use the design in Saree or in Dress but It will be looks more eye catching when used in the shut Embroidery design.

 The provided designs are widely used in Sauth Indian concept can be used in Gents Lungi.The butta at the middle in the designs are improving the attractiveness of the design.
This is 5 mm sequence design digitized in 2 colored thread and 1 Japanese zari to make it more eye catching.You can use it for making saree pecking design and people use it for make it ladies top embroidery design with 2 head embroidery machine.
Its mango type embroidery design ladies suit that was requested by our user.They told us to upload fruit containing embroidery design and that is one of them.
It is schiffli type dress embroidery design for low range garment work.Small butties with flower contain embroidery design can be mostly used on saree pecking concept & making dress embroidery design.