Indian Embroidered Sarees Designs

 Here we have brought fresh collection of 4 mm Indian Traditional Saree in paisley concept.There are total 4 figure in this design with kairy shape & outline wok of design has been created with 4 mm sequins.
 This is 3 mm new style and fresh look Indian Saree embroidery design.The lining work & spider net combination gives the design very attractive look.There is street panel along with cross panel in the design.The embroidery work is in cutting-pasting concept embroidery design.
This is butta border pallu embroidery design in 3 mm sequins.It is pallu of traditional embroidery saree and can be used in Dupataa.If you are using the same color combination as we provided in the design,you will have extreme looking creation of design.
It is paisley looking(Kairy figure) embroidery Traditional Saree design.The big paisley figure along with small figure added in laheriya pattern for more attractive look.
 It is rose pallu embroidery design in Jaal concept.The big rose are combined with small rose butta that gives it more attractive look.
 Geometrical figure in combination with natural looking butta concept has been created with the design to design border of traditional style saree design.
There is rose flower with round line sequins are combined to design butta concept pallu.It can be used to digitize saree design on various types of cloths.
 This is daman butta along with 3 mm sequin embroidery design.The butta style embroidery design is in pecking concept & can be used in low range embroidery saree.
 This is embroidery patch.It can be used in saree embroidered cloths.4 patch can be added in Pallu and rest of patch can be added in back side of saree.
 This is also patch butta and can be digitized in velvet cloth.
You can add upto 7-8 butta in saree embroidery design.
If you are interested in buying premium embroidery designs,you can buy those premium designs from our premium zone.