All Over Embroidered Pattern with Border

After lots of request from our members and customers, we now brought a latest collection of all over embroidery pattern with border concept.The fancy embroidery design with handworks allover embroidery can be used to create latest garment embroidered colths, all over concept of embroidered jari saree designs and all.

This is the best matching in low range embroidered pattern for your cloths.The main concept of the design is leaves all over pattern with border design.Both the matching threads used in leaves seems to be natural pattern however you can use your style of matching with the design to make it looks smarter than that.
The floral all over concept embroidered design has great matching thread color combination.The small rose floral all over design can be used to digitize embroidered table cloths, bed cover sheets, embroidered sofa covers etc.The only border part of the design can be used to make embroidered lace pattern in low range.Further more, you can use the same lase in lower border of your embroidered top,Saree C Pallu, Top border, Blouse sleeves borders and all.
This is simple but still attractive all over pattern figure design.There are lots of little butties made on the all over part  and at the bottom part, we added border pattern design.You can use this all over pattern for your embroidery business.If you like our embroidery designs, tell others.If you don't link something from our side, tell us!! We will try to improve our weak points suggested by you!!
This embroidered patter, we first thought to make it paid emb design.But our team suggested that, we should make it free as our customer will see our work sample as a part of this design.
If you want to share your own collection of embroidery folder, feel free to send your folder of designs at embrodeignworld[at], we will review your embroidery designs and publish it on our website with your name for free.

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