Bollywood Dress Embroidery Designs

This is designer embroidery tunic for women with border and brocade lace.It is Exclusive traditional dress in Indian culture.It is formal dress design but can make you looking unique in all occasions.
This is Bollywood fashion tunic embroidery pattern.You can make matching kurti with the design so that you can wear it with salwaar as well as jeans pent.It can also be called as ind-western outfits.
This is fancy multi embroidery daman for embroidered tunic.It works on all over style.Since it is only in multi, it is suitable for low range embroidery business and you can set it in low range embroidery pattern.
This is daman embroidery pattern in low range.It can be used in low range tunic embroidery pattern.It's butta can be used to digitize pecking concept of saree design.Pecking concept has high trends in Bangladesh, and other part of India.
This is floral daman and dress design.You can also use it in creating saree design,You can add extra handwork, bead work, crystal jems stone to design to make it more attractive pattern.
This is similar concept embroidery pattern for low range embroidery stitches.You can add extra lining of handwork on outing to make it more eye catching design.