Boutique Ladies Daman Embroidery

We are now coming back with latest embroidered ladies suits designs with awesome patch work pattern. The single butties of the designs can be used to create C pallu embroidery pattern of the design. The bottom patch work embroidery work can be used to create back side pallu designs or back blouse embroidery pattern.

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The ladies suits of the pattern can be used to create latest daman pattern. The bottom dress patch work can be used to create blouse pattern.Ladies suits daman can be create fashion stylish embroidery designs.

We are now coming back with designer embroidered dress pattern for ladies designer suits.If you can add the border lining of lace embroidered work, you will make the daman more creative. The color combination of the design is awesome and if you can add red colored thread, instead of pink colored thread, you will make it more attractive.
This is bottom daman panel embroidery design.The design patch work is mainly floral concept of pattern and little floral part can be used to create ladies daman dress.

The floral embroidered daman designs is mostly created using high creativity fashion trend. The all over butti part embroidery can also be used to create embroidered saree designs as well as floral Indian patches.

If you want to download the designs, follow the link provided below.  The paisely embroidered daman at the side has been added with the design.

Daman designs are the most creative embroidery designs used to create and digitize ladies suits embroidery pattern.