Embroidery Designs For Long Dresses

This is the most beautiful embroidery design for long dress. Very attractive and eye catcher color combination is given this embroidery design. The big flowers of these design are also use in other designs of sarees and dresses. Mostly this design is use for the purpose of modification. This design mostly use for making of surprising convent garden, 21st centuary jackets, embroidery sweet life handbags, Le-test islamic embroidery  fashion

This is another embroidery design for dress materiel of top, tunics unisex Kurtis and so many others. In this design the color combination is superb and fantastic. You may modify the design with the help of changing the color concept in this design. This type of design usually use in sarees, daman, tunics, tops and some part of this design is also use in wall cloths, front side of jackets, skirts, razak, print bag and many more.

This design is specially introduced for young once and next-generation. This is classical but superb embroidery design with gorgeous color combination. For the modification point of view after editing some mirror work and hand work this design will become very luxurious. This types of design mostly demanded in Muslim religious people, and some parts of India because its look not only like traditional but also fancy.
This is the embroidery design for glorious different color roses. In this design the color combination is powerful therefor it will make this design more attractive and eye catcher. This types of design is use in Indian traditional dresses, classical western dresses, Pakistani fashionable ladies suits etc. And some part of this design is also use in patch work, lace work and so on...

Type of this design is look like very artistic. This is very cute embroidery design with beautiful and attractive flowers. In this design the color combination is very smart and specially selected by our designer team. This type of design mostly demanded from party birds, crazy once, and specially for those who willing to different than others.

 This is the design for Ladies suits with glossy flowers and uses of beautiful red color combination. In this embroidery design our designer team uses some smart color combination on bottom line of the design which is making the design more glorious. For the modification point of view this design will become more fabulous and charming. You may modify this design with the help of mirror work and uses of sequins.