Indian Dress Embroidery Suits Designs

This is a most demanded design now a time in all type of market along in all country. The look of this design is so cultural and traditional. This design is full of paisley and rose flower shape that's why its look so ravishing. Use of thread is also adding extra charm in this design.You may wear this top in mostly all cultural  and traditional function. You look very classy and phenomenal.
This is a simple but graceful computer embroidery design with unique look. The thread of this design is a very bright and light. We use a tatami stitch in the flower shape of the design. Using this stitch our design appear more , outstanding to the other design. You may wear this type of design in most common function in your society. After wearing this top you defiantly feel that you are most precious person in the world.
Here we present a beauteous computer embroidery design with little natural touch. The shape of design is full of rose flowers along with extra leaf. We use a multicolor  thread in this design to look more specious. You may also use different type of color with your choices. This particular design have also multipurpose  use like table cloth, fancy curtain towel etc.
This computer design is really looking artistic and sculptural. The art look of this design its appear very different to the other design. The color combination of the thread is really extraordinary and embossing the shape of design. If you do some handwork then it appear so stunning and look gorgeous. It has also multipurpose use like table cloth, photo frame and much more that you not think.
 Here we present most fascinating computer embroidery design with a flowers-tic paisley shape. Upper part of design is fully decorated by flowered paisley and bottom part is also  full of flowers. In this design we use a multicolor thread like purple, green and yellow. You also use your favorite color and modify this design as you like. In this particular design you have full scope to do handwork like motiwork, beadwork, and stonework to look more pretty.         
This is a latest Kashmiri salwar suit along with extraordinary computer embroidery design. In this suit we crate a deferment type of flowers shape with a tatami stitch. The color combination of the thread are adding more glamor in this suit. When you wear this suit you defiantly appear marvelous.