Border For Anarkali Salwar Suits

Pakistana bordo floreale in pizzo collezione del 2013.

Pakistani floral lace border collection of 2013. This lace border is a famous and most demanded for making fancy dresses. This Traditional lace has mirror outing floral with beautiful 3mm sequins stitch work. You can also attach this lace to make beautiful Umbrella Shalwar Kameez styles. This lace designs are very fancy for make Wedding dresses.

pizzo bordo colorato di 3 mm Punto lavoro lustrini

This beautiful fancy and colorful lace border looks so amazing with mirror outing floral. This lace has fancy floral of sticker embroidery and 3mm sequins stitch work made this lace border adorable. Latest modern stylish work of foam embroidery style made this lace best use in wedding dresses for parties as well. 

scultorea bordo in pizzo floreale abito churidar
This sculptural floral lace border has wonderfully 3mm sequins stitched and the heavy rubber embroidery work is looking beautiful. You may preferred to use this lace border to make churidar suit, Anarkali Frocks and Salwar Dresses. The colors of the lace is very attractive and nice. There is awesome embroidered composition of floral work to make them more stylish and beautiful. 
rosa bordo in pizzo floreale per abiti da sposa

Now days rose floral lace border is very useful to design Chooridar salwar suit for wedding. This lace has antique floral figure and dot spot stitches with multi and zari work to give shinier and heavy look to your dresses and sarees. The pink color scheme used in this lace is marvelous. This lace is meant for party wear,  Wedding sarees and Bridal use.

Casual bordo in pizzo floreale per shalwar kameez
Casual floral lace border for shalwar kameez. This elegant lace has rubber embroidery and 3mm sequins stitch work. Golden thread mirror outing and contrast shaded floral strip work make this fancier. This lace is  give fancier look to your Wedding dresses and long suits. 
classico multi pizzo confine strato per ghagra choli

Get the classic multi layer lace border with floral and 3mm sequins stitch work best for making Anarkali salwar suit. This lace ornamented with multi, zari and motif work look outstanding. You can attach this heavy lace in ghagra choli and sharara to add the glam. You will be the center of attraction at any Wedding functions or parties in this Attire.

bordo in pizzo fantasia per matrimonio indossare.

This lace border is famous in India and Pakistan for making fancy dresses and Wedding wear. Lace is traditional Silhouette and being modified with 3mm sequins stitch work and mirror outing floral embroidery. So This Cultural and stylish lace border consists best for All wedding sarees.