Shining Allover Fashion Design 2013

fantastiese Oral Patroon
Today we have brought a fabulous collection of one of the artistic design of Allover Patterns. We have prestigious fashion designers to make this patterns. Here you can see a shining Allover fashion design. This pattern has red resham threads embroidery work have been appreciated by everyone. Pattern has a huge fame and design on cotton fabric. This pattern has very distinguished and unique piece of work designed by our expert designers. It is the latest collection of Allover Style patterns.
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Wes-tendens Oral Patroon
This Allover Pattern is expensive and rich with trendy motif work. The style of this pattern influenced up to some extent from Western trend. Pattern is in long length with thick wool thread trendy embroidery design at allover makes this pattern perfect to design real bridal dresses. Pattern has contrast shaded floral figure style. Most of Indian Brides are use this patterns in their bridal wear dresses as well.
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Blomme Oral Patroon
Multi colors of Floral Allover Pattern is widely used to design bridal wear dresses. This Pattern is in multi colors and looks amazing. Arrow motifs floral design style satin patti welly in resham thread sticker embroidery work style looking gorgeous. The floral design is simply creative and the pattern has beautiful design technique. Heavy embroidery work is essential to design various dresses for women. You can also use this heavy embroidery work at the home furnishing stuffs too.
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Natuurlike Floral Oral Patroon
Beautiful Natural Floral Allover Pattern is front of you. The bright color scheme is just amazing. Multi color always hot and most demanding for Fancy dresses, Mirror work floral design style is very common and looks pretty in Indian dresses. Round floral style pattern, having beautiful wool thread embroidery work with satin patti shaped design, that reflects modern touch in this Floral Allover Designs.
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pragtige Oral Patroon
What a beautiful Allover Pattern this is. The aqua blue color wool threads embroidery work makes this pattern more expensive and attractive, although the color is not so appealing but the style and embroidery and designing makes this pure and perfect pattern to design Bed sheets, carpets and floor matrices designs. Tiny leaves design in run stitches with 3mm sequins stitch work style also trendy and cultural stuff of Indian Cultural designs as well.
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vryhand figuur Oral Patroon
Contrast shaded freehand figure Allover Pattern is here. Extensive and extraordinary beautiful embroidery and motif work this Pattern has. The design is also so fancy and has cultural trendy touch of South Asia. Massive freehand figure in shaded effect with run stitch embroidery work also looks amazing. Color scheme is so marvelous and this Allover Pattern, no doubt very useful to design window curtains, carpets and furniture designs.
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