More Popular And Classic Dupatta Designs

handgemaakte Dupatta ontwerp
We have here a number of types of embroidery handmade and mix sort of Dupatta designs. All dupatta designs have embroidery techniques like floral work, leaf work, booti work and designer customized work. These dupatta are goes well with Decorative dresses of Indian cultures. Heavy dupatta are also a very unique and popular designing technique and this consists of different kind of ornament work and embroidery pattern. Different types of threads have been used for design these dupattas. This Summer dupatta collection reflects new creations and taste of fashion of this era.

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Georgette inheemse Indiese styl Dupatta
A great Georgette native Indian style Dupatta has a unique design . It has a wonderful freehand style of design with motifs 3mm sequins as well as needlework. Indian Dupatta is noticed using multicolor wool thread foam embroidery work which often add to the attraction. This sequined designer dupatta increases the splendor of your dresses. You may also use this design Icelandic FaldbĂșningur and Upphlutur woman's costumes are looks more classic with it.
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moedertaal Dupatta
The design of this native Dupatta is actually studded using golden kasab thread patches and tiny buttis in rubber embroidery work. 3mm sequins stitches with mirror and stone work on cotton fabric which increases the value of this dupatta. This Dupatta is ideal pair for events and festival wear dresses like Lehengas and Ghagra choli etc. This golden figure is also Hungarian folk dresses, babushkas head scarfs and wide-brimmed hats.
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blomme kol werk Dupatta
Nowadays, you will seen this style of floral patch work Dupatta which could compliment the decision along with color on the fine-quality silk fabric which will be used to create this design. You may also try this floral figure design to decorate Traditional Guatemalan Traje and Cortes Skirts patterns which appear very Native with this design. This is one of the nicest pair for Native Indian wedding bridal dresses. Our designer are mixing the design involving today's embroidery work fashion , to give this dupatta classic look.
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Golden kleur Kasab draad Dupatta
Another Dupatta is in Golden color kasab thread work has a paisley figure design on chiffon fabric. This one is best pair for bridesmaid bridal dresses. It is usually paired with Anarkali Suits, Umbrella Frocks and Ghagras dresses are looks more beautiful with it. You may use this lace and patch work to decorate Pileus hat Tainia costume and Thracian clothing of Greek. This classic dupatta should carry with every type of heavy and casual wear dresses for the big event.
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Indiese kant Dupatta
This particular Indian Silk Dupatta is so sleek with colorful embroidery work with addition of handwork of motifs and 3mm sequins stitches. The red color floral patches at allover is awesome as well as the moti work tend to be beautifully carried out. This incredible design is well-balanced using resham thread rubber embroidery work on silk fabric. You may pair with Wedding Gown and Kurtis dresses give a fantastic impact.
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