Women Wear Summer Kurti Dresses Designs

klassieke Kurti
Classical Kurti Collection 2014 has been out, In this summer season we are present every style Indian style of dresses. We are offering attractive and new fashion brand Kurti dresses specially for our valuable visitors. They are adding embroidery and ornament work designs with new er cuts and tailored work then it make bit different these dresses. This one is an excellent Kurti dress which has modern Colorful embroidery in lovely floral sewing patterns  and must have dress on these summer days.

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Kleurige wol draad werk Kurti
Multicolor wool thread work Kurti dress look cool at first sight. Such type of Kurti dress suitable for summer evening party wears. Girls of India and Pakistan prefer this style of modern Kurti dress to wear in functions and outing. This one is a simple Kurti dress you may wear it with trouser type salwaar that also in trend now a days. This gota-patti design also very useful to modify Barong Tagalog for men and Baro't Saya Long Skirt for women of Philippines.
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glansryke styl Kurti
Kurti has glamorous style of Daman in colorful resham thread work. It’s a fantastic embroidered Kurti dress also has a mirror, stone and 3mm sequins work. The long kuti dress is decorated with costly embroidery. Gorgeous embroidered figures are widely used to design Bilgoraj outfit and women hat called chamelka of rantuchem. These types of dresses are also wearing in summer night parties and Wedding functions.
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·         Wide Cording Border Lace
·         Daman Zari Saree
·         Multi Touch Sequin Dupatta
·         Cording Brocade Lace Border
·         All over floral
·         Border for Saree

nuutste ontwerp van Kurti
This latest design of Kurti have unique style, have lace border and tiny buttis at all over the dress, use of colorful wool thread embroidery work on silk fabric. Kurti designs and patterns look so amazing with little modification of 3mm sequins stitches. A lot of girls and women wear these types of extremely fashionable Kurtis to get attractive look. You can also use this patches to modify qabbeh the decorated Thob of Palestine.
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nuwerwets Kurti rok
Let’s have a look at this trendy Kurti dress has freehand designer figures patch embroidery work is fast becoming popular not only in India but abroad as well with more and more western countries. Most women now choosing to wear this style of latest design Kurti dress for summer occasions, functions and parties. This is also embroidered and 3mm sequins work Kurti dress. You can also use this fancy figures to design Oman dishdasha patterns.
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·         All over Jall
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voguish Kurti rok
A pretty style of voguish Kurti dress which aptly unfolds the beauty of the wearer. This Kurti is the most gorgeous and fancy one dress for women. Typically embroidered Kurti dress is in Traditional freehand shaped daman in resham thread embroidery with 3mm sequins work give it amazing look. This Kurti dress can make many girl look breathtakingly gorgeous. These heavy patches are also used to modify traditional Norway bunad dress designs.
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