Gorgeous Cording Embroidery Lace Designs For Sarees

Golden kleur Kasab draad Kant grens
Our Fashion designer presents Lace Borders in cultural style. These laces are best for these hot days dresses. This collection has heavy and wide laces design with embroideries. This one is classic Lace border which has a Golden color kasab thread embroidery work design in traditional style looks so nice. You can use this lace border to design fancy dresses like Bridal Lehenga and Foustanella or Tsolias dresses.
Fancy styl Kant grens
Fancy style Lace border design is really looks so nice. Use of cyan color resham thread work looks so beautiful. You can also craft some heavy hand work like moti, bead and stone work in it to make it more attractive. The lace has a freehand style of embroidery work. The design is superb that perfectly match on Sarees or Vraka, panavaki, karamani and koumbouri dresses designs.
Suiwer Indiese styl Kant grens
This Lace border design has Pure Indian style of embroidery work in zari thread work, but its also go well on western outfits to give them a latest and trendy look. Lace has gorgeous floral with paisley figure design in heavy patch style also has little hand work of motifs and 3mm sequins stitches looks so nice. This one is long length lace is also amazing on Asian dresses orsash, zaka and megalo fesi patterns.
Fantastiese Kant grens
The Fantastic Lace border design which has a freehand style of cyan color wool thread embroidery work. This lace can be used on summer party wear dresses like Heavy Sarees or Lehengas and Karagouna wedding dress patterns. It's a beautiful lace also has contrast red color outing make it more attractive. The lace has awesome composite that make your dresses more trendy.
eenvoudige styl Kant grens
This Lace border is looking very nice in simple style of wool thread mustard color embroidery work. This lace is give a contrast effect with your dresses. It's also available in multicolor style. You can put this lace on Anarkali Suits, Lawn Suits or sayias, Desfina scarf and Crete The women wear dresses. This one is a latest and nice Indian style of lace which is also available in different types of designs as your demand.
Blomme styl van Kant grens
Another Floral style of Lace border design which has a trendy embroidered floral design. It is also in light color wool thread work is looks so nice. Lace also has a satin patti also looks so gorgeous on wedding or party wear dresses. This is a Superb Lace border also used on peplos a garment, chiton simple tunic, blouse or kolpos patterns.
groot styl van Kant grens
This one is a very wide and big style of Lace border that suits on every summer wear dresses. This lace has a new pattern in resham thread foam embroidery work. Floral figure lace style on chiffon fabric has a special design for modify party wear dresses like Kurtis, Umbrella Frocks and Veil, himation, a larger cloak, men wearing abollas and Zoster costumes.