Heavy Tanzania Embroidery Applique Work Designs

Asiatiese style appliekwerk werk ontwerp
Let’s have a closer look to this 2014 Applique designs of new collection. Most popular Asian styles online fashion range of patches. These patches are used on Sarees, Salwar Suits, Kurtis, Kaftans, Jewelery, Stoles, Shawls, Skirts and Footwear patterns etc. We are provide a wholesome patches designs with various designs and embroideries. This one is a freehand style of Patchwork design in resham thread embroidery work on cotton fabric.

·         Indian Salwaar Designs

fyn appliekwerk werk ontwerp
This is a such very fine Applique work design. This is a very nice patch is in resham thread embroidery work on chiffon fabric. It's used on Patiala suits, Churidar suits or Saries etc. This patch is carries new styles with motifs and leaf work. It's also go well on Shalwar suits and kameez or kurti styles. This design is also used in jewelery and many more. You can also used on Tanzania wear Kanzu or Dashiki and Kofia patterns too.

Paisley figuur ontwerp appliekwerk werk.
These days most of women like this style of paisley figure design Applique work. We have a wide range of latest and trendy fashion patch used on all types of clothing to add more beauty. It's also used on Churidar Suits, frocks neck design and salwar Kameez dresses too. Patch has a double paisley design in golden zari and purple resham thread embroidery work on cotton fabric looks so fancy.

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Pers kleur vryslag van appliekwerk werk
Purple color freestyle of Applique work design. This patch is used on pathani or Afghani salwar dresses, Sherwani or Umbrella Suits patterns too. It's used on everyday wear dresses or saris too. The patch has a freehand design in resham thread embroidery work on chiffon fabric. This is in simple pattern patch which has mirror and stone work too. It's also used on Kofia male and Gomesi female wear dresses too.
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·         Dazzling Kalidar Lehengas
·         Fancy Less
·         Fresh Daman

vryslag van Paisley appliekwerk werk
This is a freestyle of Paisley Applique work design look so beautiful. This one is a short style patch design. It has a golden color zari thread embroidery work on chiffon fabric. It's mostly used on Saree pallu, blouse and neck designs. Patch is also used on party wear dresses. It has a sparking style of design which is also used on Uganda styles Kanzu or Dashiki wear dresses are most popular.
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·         All Over By Tarang

Indiese style appliekwerk werk
Indian styles Applique work design in red, green and blue color combination looks so nice. Patch is in medium size looks so beautiful with such kind of resham thread embroidery work. It has a very fine cotton fabric that gives it a simple look. It's give a impressing look to your party wear dresses. It's also used on Sarees, salwar kameez and short neck or beck blouse patterns too.
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