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jongste Daman ontwerp
Today our designer are present some of the best and latest Daman designs for Indian and Pakistani outfits those are more suitable for Festivals and Wedding parties. These Daman patterns are designed according to the Traditional Fashion. Best embroidery fonts daman patterns of Asia and mostly other country too. In India every girls, especially women like this types of latest fashion and cultural Daman patterns in their dresses.

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Anarkali patroon Daman ontwerp
Following Daman design is best for Anarkali patterns or Umbrella Frocks and Salwar kameez dresses. This style of claws and a paw embroidery designs demanding to design young girls outfits of every occasions. This daman looks wonderful with fancy paisley shape style. Applique embroidery fonts also used in Frocks or Skirts dresses with beautiful floweral and leaf design also have motif and sequins work on it. The daman is superb and according to the latest trends. You can also use this buttas to decorate typical Islamic dress designs too.
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Swaar Rooi kleur vryhand Daman Design
Have a first look of this Heavy Red color freehand Daman Design, this is in cotton fabric with extraordinary fine quality. Daman has embedded embroidery work along some motif, moti and stone work. Monograms embroidery designs is nourished with shiny strip that looks pretty. Main beauty of this daman encapsulate in tiny buttis style. Curlz monogram font has gorgeous freehand design of zari and wool thread embroidery work. This appliques are also used to decorate Palestinian family wearing dresses too.
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·         Wide Cording Border Lace
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Vryhand blomme appliques Daman
Actually this is a series of Freehand floral appliques Daman design having same sort of style that is in tiny form looks outstanding. Greek embroidery fonts has cyan, orange and pink color resham thread embroidery work. The daman design with fancy accessory work make the difference in it. Glittery motif and sequins work shines and gives stunning look to the daman. Theme consists of applique fonts for machine embroidery different sort of leafs and flowers bunch, which looks fine. This appliques also go well on turban and jambiya dagger patterns too.
·         All over floral
·         Border for Saree
·         China Rose Floral Cording Lace
·         A-line Ghagra kali
·         A-Z neck Embroidery Design

fantastiese Daman Fashion
In this fabulous polka dot embroidery font Fashion has work along with stone and gotta accessory. Daman has multicolor resham and zari thread work embroidery work of floral and leafs are being fetched on it. Disney embroidery font  with colorful flowers also looking marvelous and gives shine to this daman. One can use this daman to decorate bridal dresses. This is a perfect daman for party wear dresses too.These patches are also go well on Modern Bedouin patterns of Saudi Arabia.
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·         All over Jall

moderne voorkoms Daman Fashion
In this state applique designs has modern look but in traditional way. The daman is in allover style and the design is in one color. Purple wool thread work of floral shapes looks wonderful. Heavy work at lace border bottom of daman also has the same sort of embroidery work. Gigi embroidery designs is also enriched with little ornament work like moti, bead and sequins looks cool. Color is also cool and suits in every type of dresses and make them just awesome. This tiny buttis are also used on Pashtun dress designs too.
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