Top Quality Embroidered Linen Quilt Applique Designs

splinternuwe kwiltwerk vir rokke
New designer catalog has most famous Applique designs and distinguished clothing brands. The catalog has lots of exclusive quilts in different styles and designs. We have fresh and brand new quilting for dresses of 2014. The catalog consists of uniquely designed quilts having simple pattern. The whole catalog just looks so amazing and pretty to designing various dresses. This is green color floral quilt design which is widely used on party wears, casual formal wears and fancy formal dresses designs.
·         C Pallu by Girish
·         Mixed collection by Sohail

geborduurde linne quilt
Wonderful and latest style Applique design with cyan color embroidery style. This embroidered Linen quilt has threesome floral design with golden color spot at center of floral looks so amazing. This style of floral quilt is mostly used on jamaica adults clothing. You have many option in color combinations like red, yellow and green etc. This quilt is use to design frocks, sherwani and tops patterns or tichel , kerchief and yarmulke clothing designs.

·         Churidar Salwar Kameez Design
·         Fashion Designer suits
·         Ladies tops Computer Designs

kleurvolle draad borduurwerk quilt
Alluring style of Applique design which has colorful thread embroidery work. Quilt has a dark color floral design which is used on dupatta, tunics and trouser designs. As Its a rainy catalog  so it has fully embroidered designs. You can also decorate jill clothing of women or Ladies sherwani, salwar kameez and pishwas dresses. The entire catalog have different color techniques and styles.
·         Punjabi suit by Uday Jariwala
·         Salwar Kameez computer designs

Classic gedruk appliekwerk
Classic Printed Applique in light color which is girls most favorite and they are use it to design various dresses Neck and Daman patterns. This quilt has nice colorful floral designs on cotton fabric. This quilt is also used on rust clothing designs and Anarkali suits, Frocks or Tops dresses. This quilt has shiny printed colorful designs with moti and stone work. You can also use it on kippahs spodik fur hat designs.
·         Rajwadi Neck
·         IndoWestern All over garments
·         Kids Wear Outfits Neck
·         5 mm Sequin design
·         Sheria/Cotton Neck
·         Punjabi Daman Dress
·         Anarkali Dress Neck
·         Less/Boarder Design
·         Paisley Flat Neck Embroidery

rooi kleur borduurwerk appliekwerk
Latest red color embroidery Applique is on short style pattern looks so amazing. This quilt is like a tiny butti is used on neck, daman or blouse patterns styles. Quilt has motif design and a shiny sequins style work. Nowadays most of dresses are decorated with this style of colorful quilts. This style of quilt mostly used on petite casual clothing or A bekishe long black silk cloth and tzniut dresses patterns.
·         South Indian Saree
·         Latest Flat Neck
·         Ladies Fancy Top
·         Jalabiya Long Neck
·         Punjabi Dress
·         Fashion Dupatta & Scarf
·         Daman Type
·         Georgette Indian Dupatta
·         Artificial Kashmiri Dupatta

reliƫf stikwerk borduurwerk blomme appliekwerk
The shiny embossing stitching embroidery floral Applique design. This quilt style in green and yellow color thread work on silk fabric. This quilt used on printable clothing patterns like salwar kameez, saris, frocks and tops patterns designs. The color range and the shades are extraordinary of this catalog. It's also go well on tallit and tefillin clothing designs.
·         Kurta Embroidery Designs
·         Jacquard Net Jaal Dupatta
·         Floral bed-sheet
·         Guldasta Floral Dupatta