Aug 2014 - Lace Designs Bulk Download with Preview (120+ Designs)

Latest Lace Designs For Bulk Download with Preview

Once Again We are Come With Our Regular Bulk Download Offer Of  Lace Embroidery Designs for Aug 2014 month. Under This Offer We Are Providing 120+ Bulk Embroidery Designs Of  Lace. To avail this bulk download instantly, select the payment link provided at the bottom of the page and you would instantly download all designs.

Here is the few concept of the designs you would receive with this package. There are 120+ designs in below concept that might attract you.

Preview Are Also Available Of This Bulk Designs. Select Any Of The Following Link from below list to check preview of all designs that are available with this package. In Each Folder Has A Six Lace Embroidery Designs That Means 120+ Embroidery Designs Are Available In This Pack.

Sr. No. Folder Code Designs Name Amount
1 5136p Free Bead Weaving Lace Designs Of 2014 380
2 5092p Cuff & Bracelet Patterns Lace Embroidery Designs 400
3 5084p Daisy Abstract Trencilla Lace Embroidery Designs 600
4 5082p Twisted Herringbone Stitch Lace Embroidery Designs 366
5 5078p Vintage Ivory Crystal Floral Lace Designs 350
6 5150p Your Personality Fashion Dress Lace Designs 400
7 5149p Netherlands Religious Folk Art Lace Designs 355
8 5148p Gipil Hand Lace Embroidery Designs Of 2014 355
9 5140p Pillow Folk Art Otomi Lace Embroidery Designs 355
10 5139p Huge Oaxaca Lace Embroidery Designs For Tote 340
11 5138p Artisans Handmade Lace Embroidery Designs 340
12 5153P Chapman Clothing Damask Bugle Lace Designs 355
13 5155P Motif Dunbar Clothing Damask Lace Designs 320
14 5154P Ribbon Dominican Clothing Flower Lace Designs 300
15 5168P Machine Embroidery Stitched Lace Designs 480
16 5172P Machine Stitch Bracelet Christmas Lace Designs 418
17 5173P Unique Hand Embroidery Patterns Lace Designs 241
18 5177P Pentecostal Cultural Lace Embroidery Designs 387
19 5176P Colorful European Sewing Lace Embroidery Designs 358
20 5166P Brooklyn Style Lace Embroidery Designs 357


You can also check video preview of the designs from below video. Here all the designs are provided in slideshow format.

You can check all preview from the above link that you would get it at only 656 Rupees. Original price for this combined offer is 7457, but you will get it at only 656 Indian Rupees.
After payment, you will get instant download support, from your account. if you are facing any difficulties, feel free to contact us.