Latest Sketches by Sarika Agrawal

 This is creative sketch artowork created by sarika agrawal who is one of the best sketcher that contributes on Embdesigntube about her creativity on regular basis. this is simple floral but highly creative embroidery sketch design for flowers.
 This is another best floral sketch artwork created by sarika agrawal in flowers and leaf concept. You can use this sketch artowork to  create big patch applique embroidery designs from this sketch.
 This is very attractive Indian style patch artwork specially used for paisely figure with floral as wellas leafy concept.
 This is another artwork specially created to show creativity is the best. This shows floral concept of embroidery designs that can be made either in single or multiple colors.
 Almost all of the sketch artworks are created on floral and leaves concept. This is one of the best out of all.
 This is created specially from Indian style mahendi concept figure. Mostly in engagement or wedding, woments takes this kind of mahendi designs on their hands.
 This is pasely style created concept of embroidery figure.
This is vel type embroidery designs located from bottom to the upwards.