3 mm Pecking concept Indian Saree catalogs Embroidery Design part-1

 We have brought another concept of free embroidery design that will provides you 3 mm Pecking concept Indian Saree catalogs Embroidery Design part-1
, Part-2 will be provided in another page .All this Embroidery design provided in this page are free for downloading , Those are design that are currently largest trends in Surat's textile market and biggest collection of Combo pack embroidery Design in concept of Indian Saree Embroidery design.You can find similar post on this website here.

All the provided Embroidery Design are in packing style design with multi 3 mm
sequin and different type all hot collection,in India, It is usually used with  c copper sequins with 2 contrast thread, It will look brighter and beautiful Pecking concept Embroidery design, you will get this embroidery design in emb file however *.DST file for all embroidery design is available but you can not change or modify andy DST design , it can be overcome by emb file Embroidery design.
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Provided 3 mm Pecking concept Indian Saree catalogs Embroidery Design part-1 will be in one folder, you can download the whole part-1 folder at just one click at the Download link on the bottom of this page.
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You can download all mentioned design at one click on download link below, we have uploaded so many Embroidery design , but due to image hosting problem, we can upload very less image , so you will get more Embroidery than mentioned in the image.