400 mm Area Jaal Embroidery Pattern By Tarang

 This is excellent Old concept but very effective stylish embroidered Jaal designs for 400 mm area embroidery machines.This designs folder has been shared by Tarang from Surat.You can see his embroidery design creation shared on Embdesigntube.
 400 mm area all over jaal designs can be used to create and digitize cushion covers, curtains and in all over pattern.The main advantage of the design is that, your machine will work in all over manner, so you will never need to pause any one head and it will run continuously
By clicking on the download link, you will get lots of 400 mm area jaal designs from it.However we have shared only some of the best images here but you can see tarang's creativity on the folder.
This all over pattern can be used to create corner of table cloths and you can also use the design to create refrigerator's cover border.
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