Live human figure embroidery design by Suman Pabolu

It is the design specially drown in Navaratri women that is dancing.This is the design used only in the multi flat embroidery design that has unique design and never created before.The design has been sent to us by Suman Pabolu & our embroidery designer staff has really appreciated those design.The creation is really wonderful & great collection of embroidery designs Suman Pabolu have!!
Thanks to Suman Pabolu for such a nice collection.
 This is the embroidery design from south Indian design that is statue of doing Bharatnatyam art woman.The design demand of the design has been very popular in Arab side area & in USA and Canada the design has been used in Designers Kurta for both male & female.
This is the applique embroidery design of women doing Gujarati folk dance Garba in simple & traditional wear.The design is specially used in advetizing banner, Rangoli and Art decoration of home.

This is the ancient embroidery art design of village women going to fetch water from wall with two little dear.
This is the embroidery design of lord Radha with the flute in hand.That design can be used in interior decorating of home.You can use lightening series with the photo frame.
This is the special design of live figure of woman art embroidery design playing Mount Tambora.People use this design in kurta & T-shirt embroidery design.
This is the ancient time embroidery design.You can use the women and dear separately with other design.

This is the embroidery design of dancer women.The design is used in the bar wall decoration.We have seen in such an image in the Pattaya Club.

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