Indo Western Fashion Emb Garments 2012

We are coming with medium range flat all over embroidery designs.These are 250 mm area(computerized embroidery machines) ladies top designs.You can use this designs to create chanderi top.
This is natural looking normal patch all over creative designs from Delhi embroidery textile designers concept.You can use this designs to create kids Ballroom embroidered cloths & fancy tunics.
This is small figure all over embroidery designs for Schiffli look.Due to all over concept, we are calling Schiffli concept.This design has cute & good embroidered figures.Schiffli has main advantage that when you are cutting thew garment of embroidered cloths, it will have design remaining as before.
This is Rajasthani Royal look embroidered figure with alternative motif figures. because of that, it looks like natural net of leaves and flowers.
If you want share your embroidery designs with us, feel free to send your collection on embrodesignworld[at], we will review your designs and post it on our website with your name for free.
All of the designs provided here are coming in approx 750 mm height, you can use this design to create any garments like kids garments, fancy ladies dress, traditional wedding dress, kitty wedding dress, Valencia beaded cocktail dress, Olivia linen dress and much more.
Consider a donation of atleast $5 USD, as we are working very hard on creative designs and providing you totally free of cost.