All Over Embroidery For Bed Sheets By Tarang

This designs has been shared by Tarang Patel from Surat.Tarang has shared excellent collection of embroidery designs folder previously on embdesigntube.
His creative embroidery collection are mentioned below:
The design provided here is all over jaal with border at the bottom.The bottom floral border can also be used with saree border or bottom of dress tunic bottom part border.You can also create and digitize tunic embroidery pattern from the provided design here.

This is excellent all over paisely embroidery design for your embroidery business.You can add border at the bottom of the design to make it all over style pattern with border.We will recommend you to add paisely border with same matching as that in the design to get more attractive look.

It is all over embroidery pattern in old concept, however we would like to share the designs as it has been provided by tarang patel, who is creative embroidery designer from Surat.If you too want to share your latest embroidery design folder, feel free to send your collection to us a embrodesignworld[at], we will review your designs and publish it on our website for free with your name.

This is creative all over embroidery pattern in beautiful look.There is extra space in the design, where you can add your creative skills and do extra handwork over the design.So that you can make the pattern more attractive than before.

This is old stylish embroidery designs in line concept.You can add satari work with the design and val work at the little flower butti to make it more attractive design.
You can create effective stitch effect style embroidery cushion covers, curtains and bed shit from all over embroidery designs.It you are creative embroidery digitizer, with some modification in the design, you can create it for embroidery designs for table cloths also.