All Over Embroidery Creation By Tarang

This designs has been shared by Tarang Patel from Surat.Tarang has shared excellent collection of embroidery designs folder previously on embdesigntube.
His creative embroidery collection are mentioned below:
This is paisely style kashmiri all over embroidery design.You can create and digitize embroidered shawl from this.This multi colored thread used with the designs give it most probable look for kashmiri jaal.Kashmiri jaal is very famous in all over India in all season.
You can create and digitize kashmiri style short dupatta embroidery design by cutting the design.Because of short and think stitch, your embroidery machine will work very effectively and fastly to create the design.
This is kashmiri all over jaal embroidery pattern & you can create shawl all over, cushion covers, bed covers embroidery pattern from the design.You can also create the Japanese kimono and amigo embroidery designs from it.
This is all over fancy threaded embroidery jaal design for ladies tunics & advanced dress.This is high speedy designs, so that you can get more production stitch and your machine will work faster while creating the design.
This is also kashmiri jaal pattern for embroidery designers.This is all over jaal and you can use the design to create and digitize wool designer dress embroidery pattern from it.Approximately it is in 5-6 colored embroidery design and you can create embroidery dupatta design from it.
 This is paisely Kashmiri style embroidery design in old pattern however you can bring the old trend again by using the design.This embroidery design folder has been shared by Tarang patel, who is creative embroidery designer from surat.If you too are interested to publish your design with your name on our website, feel free to send your design folder to embrodesignworld[at], we will review and publish your design on our website with your name for free.