Daman Style Top Embroidery Kodo Top July 2012

This embroidery design is top daman design in cross laheriya style.There is good combination of natural and geometrical figures.Small figure has been designed in tatami stitch effect.Tatami stitch of the design has been created in entire design and made thick.
This is  Jecard style bordered embroidered top design.The main concept of the design is floral cutting pasting jaal daman design.You can add extra handwork with the design like diamond work to add extra look to the design.
This is print style belt look embroidered pattern.It has been designed look like ready made brocade style lace design with attractive color combination.Small floral figure spreaded entirely, so that you can create the bed design from it without using bottom part.
This is brush print look like embroidery pattern in multi flat.It can also be said as program split type stitching effect in top design.Paisely look like pattern has been extremely used in Punjabi dress and you can use the design in Punjabi kurti also.
Color matching of the design is dusty matching with attractive figures.Brasso look with tatami stitch effect border is mostly used in barudan embroidery machines.You can also create velvet stitch in the bottom butta part of the design.The daman embroidery pattern has been mostly demanded by delhi embroidery designers and kolkata as well.You can also create daman and fancy tunic from the design.
This daman concept embroidery pattern can be used in short ladies kurti & short pallu.You can also create and digitize advanced tunic embroidery pattern from it.Japanese gheisha & kimono can be digitized from the bottom border of the design.
This is paisely laheriya daman concept embroidery pattern design.Indo-western kurtis can be digitized from the design and you can also create extra handwork with the design to make it more attractive.By using Metallic zari, you can make the design more eye catching.