Superb All Over Metal Embroidery Designs

This is all over concept motif filled embroidery pattern.You can use the design in fancy ladies tunics.The entire designs hhas mostly tatami stitch with floral type pattern used with it.You can use and create the design to make awesome bed cover shit from it.
Paisley straight panel embroidery designs for metal element work.You can use the design to make and digitize yukuta as well as ladies tops/tunics designs from it.By cutting pasting from the design, you can create anarkali style designs from it.Indo-western wear cloths and appeals can be created from the designs.
This is round shape floral gorgeous skirts can be created from the design.IN the design, there are round shape figures which can be beautify more with your creativity skills and handwork skills in to it.
All over embroidery designs for top 5 boutiques.You can create women's embroidered fancy kurtis from it.The design represents excellent statement of creativity and fancy embroidered all over garments.You can also add rebbon work from it.
If you want to share your designs, feel free to send your collection on, we will review your design folder and make it live on our website with your name for free.
This is visual art embroidery pattern in all over concept.All over embroidery designs can be used to create embroidered cousins and bed covers sheets from it.By editing the design, you can create excellent saree embroidery designs from it.
This is all over rose floral square embroidery designs for bed covers and table cloths.We will recommend you to use it as table cloths because it has been specially designed for it.