Pakistani Designer Indian Kurti Tops Tunic

We are now coming with latest paisely style embroidered pattern for Rajasthani style all over patch pattern. You can use the pattern to create cami tops for women and bottom part of womens tunic tops.The bottom part of this royal design acna bne used to create embroidered saree pallu, sweater dress dupatta patterns in India. Peoples outside india use such concept of embroidery designs to create cupboard curtains, All over Bed sheets and butta can be used to create cushion covers.
This is paisely style all over tunic embroidered patttern with beautiful color matching. You can use the design on net cloths to make it more attractive.The border line of the design can be used to create lace of embroidered sarees, bottom lace of ladies dress & sleeves of tunic tops for women.You can use handwork with the design like satari work, stone work and val outline with the design.
This is most attractive color combination embroidered womens tunics pattern for pakistani use. Such kind of embroidered concept are highly demanded from Pakistani Ladies suits designers.As said for the above embroidered design, you can use the lace part of the design to digitize cushion cover lace, pillow lace as well as Pakistani style tunics sleeves. Handwork added with the design gives it more beautiful look and attractive too.
The concept of the provided embroidery design is Pakistani style womens tunic pattern. Mostly such kind of designs are combined with Pakistani look neck.The patch used at the bottom can be used to create back side T shirt embroidery, ladies tunic back side part, bottom part patch of ladies designer suits etc.Paisely border provided with the design can be used to create all over lace pattern design.
This is desert look embroidery pattern in combination with paisely concept.Pakistani fashion designer are mostly use this kind of concept to create long pakistani dress.Lace part of design are the most interesting part, you can use the pattern to create all over lace pattern.
This is most interesting Indian style embroidery designs for tunics and ladies dress kurti.The floral patch part of the design can be used to create ladies dupatta design. The bottom part of ladies tunics resembles flower pot with attractive lace. Lace embrodery used with the design has most attractive color combination.