Women Apparel Women Clothing Daman Embroidery

We are now coming back with daman embroidery designs with creative & extra ordinary embroidery work in it.You can design such kind of embroidery designs on fashion clothes & create expensive ladies top embroidery from it.You can use the butta part of the design in indian saree C pallu as well as to create beautiful dupataa embroidery pattern from it.
This is unique style modified paisely embroidery pattern mostly intended to use for ladies daman type top.Mostly Indian peoples used to digitize fashion clothing for women embroidery pattern from such concept & they are also demanded.
We brought to you unique style dupatta embroidery pattern for your business.You can use dark blue colored thread instead of green colored thread to get extra ordinary look from the design.You can use the fashion clothes for women in embroidery work by using the design.You can also add your creative skilled handwork embroidery designs with satari work, val work as well as pari work in the design.
This kind of eembroidery designs work for both ladies daman as well as saree pallu embroidery designs.You can use the cross lining embroidery pattern as a lace to create all over embroidery designs from it.The florist embroidery pattern at the bottom gives amazing look to the design.
This is extra ordinary embroidery designs for women clothes.You can also create and digitize fully embroidered dress for women.Color matching with the designs are made as per suggestion of our fashion designer team however you can use your taste of colored thread with the design to get eye catching look from it.
 This is double paisely mirror style embroidery designs for dress.The green with red colored thread give more attracting look to this fancy embroidery cloths.You can create women dress,womens clothing,dress suit as well as women apparel embroidery patterns from such kind of embroidery concept.
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