Brilliant Floral Patch Designs

sprankelende 3mm sequins Patch
Here we will presents modification of Patch designs which has floral figure designs. The Patch fashion is very demanded and most usable to modify various dresses in latest fashion for parties and functions. This Patch which you are seeing here it is modern and fancy which widely used in India. This Patch is in small length and have beautiful embroidery and fancy work. This Patch is common in India to adopt this modern look in dresses. It has sparkling 3mm sequins stitch work is looking fantastic in it.

·         Dazzling Kalidar Lehengas
·         Fancy Less
·         Fresh Daman

briljante blomme Patch
Floral Patch in Indian embroidery work designed by our expert designers. It is really a brilliant floral Patch. This Patch has modern work of embroidery and have sharp and decent color giving a new look. It's also a form of silver 3mm sequins stitch work looking gorgeous in light and dark pink contrast. This Patch have beautiful classic embroidery work and best to modify shirts or Tops designs.
·         Designer Dupatta Designs
·         Flat All over Design
·         Garment Embroidery Design  
·         All Over By Tarang
·         Wide Cording Border Lace
·         Daman Zari Saree
moderne Patch
Double floral design of Patch in zari thread embroidery in Brilliant look. This Patch have completely new look and designed by taking in mind the upcoming and modern trend of fashion. The embroidery is giving prominent impression in light sea blue color with 3mm sequins stitch work. All these Floral Patches Collection are available at online for sharing the latest Indian Fashion trend.
·         Multi Touch Sequin Dupatta
·         Cording Brocade Lace Border
·         All over floral
·         Border for Saree
·         China Rose Floral Cording Lace
Wes-kulturele Floral Patch
It's may be a Floral Patch style. Now a days floral Patches are highly appreciated by women. This patch style have light pink and orange colors are following the western culture. This patch have classic floral embroidery. The Patch Fashion is a western fashion but our designer may presents this western cultural design by touch of 3mm sequins stitch embroidery and traditional color. This patch is giving stunning impression to your lehenga.
·         A-line Ghagra kali
·         A-Z neck Embroidery Design
·         Patiyala Ladies suits
·         Cording Border Lace Designs
·         1 Head Emb Designs
Tradisionele Floral Patch
Traditional Floral Patch is always uncompleted without classic embroidery work. This Patch in multi color brilliant work of embroidery. You can use this patch to design choli of dresses and strep neck line designs too. Mostly Girls like these types of floral patches to design their bridal dresses with modern fashion. Patch is a western fashion but now a days this western fashion is rapidly adopted in India as well.
·         Live human figure design
·         Royal Look Flat Lace-Border
·         T-shirt ladies Top
·         Floral all over Jall
·         All over Jall
Rose blom Patch
This Rose floral Patch in cotton fabricates awesome designs with a variety of warm cloth. This is a superb design, a part of Festive Patch Collection. Patch consists of large floral scheme with some beautiful 3mm sequins stitch work. Design in tiny leaf objects pattern which gives classic touch to the patch. Multi color scheme looks so pretty. Patch is being stitched according to the latest trend. You can use it sided over locked long kurti daman pattern looks amazing. 
·         Fashion Designer dress
·         All over Metal
·         Panel Embroidery Designs
·         Traditional Lace
·         Salwaar Suits Patterns 

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