Unique Fashion Of Lace Border Designs

tradisionele Kant Border
The best traditional Lace Border Designs of Indian Designers. It suits all occasions and has a universal exposure. Currently you seen Paisley design Lace border is in old fashion and traditional design. It has advance fashion embroidery work design with innovation of dot spot stitches work as well. It is very demanded for modify wedding saree pallu, Anarkali and umbrella frocks as well.

Mooi. Kant grens.
Latest technique used to develop this Lace Border is in multi colors design. Contrast shaded floral design is famous. Multi color designing with tiny floral technique is being design by our professional designers. This lace is very special for design such a dresses like Salwar kameez, Kurtis, Saree designs. You may also use this lace as belt style of frock is also trendy and looks beautiful.

Paisley Lace Border.
Amazing mix of large and tiny stylish Paisley Lace Border. A colorful paisley lace border produces traditional pattern according to modern designs. What a beautiful embroidery of this lace has. Full sleeves and different shapes neck style are being stitched in this lace are looks amazing. You can also design Dupatta design by using this lace is also looking fabulous like a colorful well. Paisley pattern is more suitable on all kind of dresses and enhances the strength of your dresses.

Classic Kant grens
Floral design Classic Lace border is a unique composes with different artistic techniques. Following lace design was derive from the strokes of contrast shaded with different canvasses of various embroideries. Such a great floral embroidery design it is. The modern pattern of lace is fabulous and more suitable for such a developed and modern designs and prints.

skitterende Kant grens
Here you can see attractive and dazzling Lace border design in artistic wool thread embroidery work. This is a simple lace with multi color design having beautiful work on it. Fabric of this lace is a blend of silk and cotton and designer works on it in different techniques, use fabric embroidery border strip. Beautiful flowers are being enriched on lace for our valued visitors.

blomme Kant grens
Another floral Lace border is in nice wool thread work with fabulous artistic design is being done and the theme is more suitable to modify bridal wear dresses. Thick strip of silk increases the beauty of your dresses. It has latest and modern style. Use of motif build flowers and design on it enhances the wealth of this lace border. Colorful floral figure build a beautiful combination.

multi layer kant grens
Innovation and creativity has mingled together to bring freshness in Lace Border trends as well as the cotton fabric. The multi layer lace of trendy designs have multiple style blends like casual styles, fusion blends and so on. Most of women use this lace on Salwar Kameez and Saree pallu and blouse styles, one can now try out different ways to drape a saree.