Beautiful Long Neck Kurtis Designs Collection

pragtige Kurti
Beautiful Collection of Kurti dresses in different varieties for Winter season. This Multi color Kurti include V shaped Neck design with daman fashion looking very classic along wioth patch work style. This particular embroideries style seems to be ease and comfort as well as very best ideal for winter wear dress. Kurti include bottom lace border design fashion, Semi classic resham threads rubber embroidery work with motifs and 3mm sequins stitch adornments are giving an elegant look to this Kurti dress.

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Wye V vormige nek Kurti
Here you can see specially designed Kurti with regard to winter season. This Kurti has Wide V shaped Neck design with freehand paisley and floral figure design in resham threads net stitch embroidery work fashion and adornments of 3mm sequins stitch work. Kurti also has freehand design lace border work with checker pattern and arrow motifs work. Long style Neck at top is looking pleasant on this Kurti.

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3mm sequins stik Kurti
Another long Kurti also has an elegant Neck design and style in multi color embroidery work. Circle with floral figure design is creating Neck and Lace border pattern to give an incredible look to this Kurti. It has zari threads foam embroidery work with fancy adornments of moti, stone and 3mm sequins stitches are make this dress more trendy. Designer Kurti has wide V shaped Neck design use of wide lace border at lower border of kurti is really make this dress phenomenal.
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Indiese tradisionele styl Kurti
Kurti is in Indian traditional style and perfect dress for winter season. This Kurti has wonderful Neck design fashion set with pleasant vibrant freehand flowers design in kasab and woolen threads foam embroidery work with motifs and 3mm sequins stitch hand work will be enhancing this kurti dress. Kurti also has mirror work floral design lace border to decorating this dress elegantly. You can also use this designer figure to make some home making items like items like table cloths and carpets patterns.

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Stylvolle gemaklik mode Kurti
Stylish casual fashion Kurti is a best choice for casual parties and functions. This Kurti also has traditional style wide V shaped Neck pattern that is give this dress a classic look. It has wide lace border work too at bottom in resham thread foam embroidery work is also looking very fancy. You can also do some hand work on it like moti, bead and stone work are looking wonderful on this kurti. This is a best dress to wear in Christmas parties and New year Celebration.
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Swaar nek ontwerp Kurti
We have Heavy Neck design Kurti in Anarkali fashion style. This kurti has sculptural design Neck with wide style design with cultural embroidery work in resham and zari threads work. Kurti has floral patti work in reshm threads and outstanding lace border at bottom is also looking very classic. Motifs and 3mm sequins stitch adornments work of costume give an incredible look.

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