Floral Embroidery Wedding Lace Designs

3mm sequins steke Kant grens
This is new collection of embroidery Lace Border designs for decorate Indian wear dresses. This collection has many more different kind of designer and embroidered laces with fancy handcraft work. Our expert designers are created such these types of Lace border designs. You can also request as to customize various laces and dresses patterns at online. This all laces are established with very attractive embroidered fancy figures with effective motif and 3mm sequins stitches work.
meetkundige figuur styl van Kant grens
Here you can see this geometric figure style of Lace border design. This Lace is really different with new stitching effect and using of handwork. This Lace border is in dark golden and blue color combination kasab and wool threads sticker embroidery work on cotton fabric with 3mm sequins stitch work. You can use this lace to decorate heavy fashionable dresses and sarees for Wedding parties and functions. This lace will showcase an exhibition era in Bridal wear dresses.
Blomme figuur Kant grens
This is a new style of Floral figure Lace border design concept. This lace is give decent look to your dresses and Sarees. Golden, green and orange color combination Lace border will add the much more attractiveness in your casual and simple dresses. You can use this stylish floral lace border on hemline, a large motif on the daman and a collar patterns are looking very traditional with it. Lace has cultural embroidery work in contrast color zari and wool threads sticker embroidery work.
Paisley figuur Kant grens
This is a Paisley figure Lace border design in 3mm sequins stitch work with multi work. This Lace border has their own style of look. Do some extra handwork on it and you will find new look with this design. This lace is embroidered on net fabric and also available in verity of other fabrics and designs. This Lace can be use on sarees and dresses to wear in professional parties or formal parties. Golden kasab with blue wool thread work adds the dash of design.
tradisionele mode Kant grens
This is the recent time hot favorite Lace border design from our Famous artistic designers team. This superb Lace border for current trend of  traditional fashion garments and Dresses. This Lace is give your dresses a rich look with its fancy embroideries and traditional handwork. This lace is in faux crepe but also available in georgette, silk and various type of fabrics. So you see, the versatility of Laces in this collection. Hope you will like this Lace border to decorate your graceful Valentine’s Day wear dresses.
Blomme figuur ontwerp Kant grens
This is a all time hot Lace borer design to decorate women wear dresses like Kurtis kameez, Salwar kameez, traditional Lawn suits and Frocks are looking cool with it. This Lace is in Floral figure design in red and pink color combination design looks so pretty and cultural too. This lace border is best and bring out real style of your dresses. This lace is in multi color shades wool and zari threads sticker embroidery work on silk fabric with 3mm sequins stitch work too.
Begin steek 3mm sequins raak Kant grens
Run stitch 3mm sequins touch Floral effect Lace border design is looking fantastic. This lace border has really new concept and styles. Lace is in resham thread rubber embroidery work on silk fabric with silver colors sequins work give this lace extra sparks. You may use this lace on your favorite dresses like Kurtis Frocks, Tops and Sarees are also looks classy. Here at online everyone get their choice of embroidery Lace border designs.