New Hot Elegant Cocktail Kurti Dresses Designs

Pretty Summer Kurti rok
Pretty Summer Collection of Kurti dresses was highlighted with heavy fashion designs. This Kurti fashion trend by our expert designers. This collection has a heavily embroidered dresses with accessory work. Embellishments were lavish on every Kurtis that won viewers heart in first wink. This Creative Kurti dress has a new style of embroidery work. Now a days most of women are opted this style of Kurti dresses. This collection has striking hues in lovely Creations.

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·         Fancy Embroidery neck from UAE
·         Lace Border Designs
·         Silk Designer Patch
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·         All over Jall - Part-2
Indiese ontwerper Kurti rok
Our Indian designer are produce this Kurti dress has freehand style of Traditional embroidery work on silk fabric. You can wear this Kurti dress with leggings and Dupatta give a decent look. This dress is basically design for summer season. The daman has special style with red and yellow color design. Summer season in light color Kurti dress is give solace. You can also use this design to modify Obiage, Obijime and Kanzashi of Japan.
·         Dazzling Kalidar Lehengas
·         Fancy Less
·         Fresh Daman
·         Designer Dupatta Designs
·         Flat All over Design

nuwe toevoeging van Kurti rok
This one is a new addition of Kurti dress is in long length style. It has trendy floral patches at allover and daman has paisley design lace border work in resham thread embroidery.
Kurti also has a 3mm sequins and mirror accessory work also attracts a much attention of people. In Indian most of girls and women wearing this style of Kurti dresses casually. You can also try this figure to decorate kulepara, kiiz baipak and kamzol of Kazakhstan.
·         Garment Embroidery Design  
·         All Over By Tarang
·         Wide Cording Border Lace
·         Daman Zari Saree
·         Multi Touch Sequin Dupatta
·         Cording Brocade Lace Border
·         All over floral
·         Border for Saree

kulturele veelkleurige Kurti rok
Kurti dress fashions is in now a days and most of girls are also like to wear this style of dresses. This one is a new Kurti dress for women. This Kurti has a different cultural embroideries and art works of resham thread with 3mm sequins and motifs make this dress more vibrant. Get better definition with this Kurti with dupatta in embroidered styles. You can also use this dark and light pink color floral patches to modify Traditional Israel wear Kippa, tallit and tefillin dresses.
·         China Rose Floral Cording Lace
·         A-line Ghagra kali
·         A-Z neck Embroidery Design
·         Patiyala Ladies suits
·         Cording Border Lace Designs

'N tradisionele styl van Kurti rok
A traditional style of Kurti dress has a religious embroidery work with customs values in modest style. This one is best Kurti dress to wear as causal and regular or occasional and cultural functions. The primary purpose of wearing Kurti is to get an Indian look. A stylish embroidered Kurti dress will be your non stop style solution. It has a multicolor embroidery work of zari and wool thread on silk fabric. This design is also used on mantles and cloaks.
·         1 Head Emb Designs
·         Live human figure design
·         Royal Look Flat Lace-Border
·         T-shirt ladies Top
·         Floral all over Jall
·         All over Jall
·         Fashion Designer dress
·         All over Metal
·         Panel Embroidery Designs

Indiese tradisionele styl van Kurti rok
Indian traditional style of Kurti dress has a modest design that give you modern look. This one is a fashionable dress has new colorful floral design. Indian women love to wear this style of Kurti dress, it has a outstanding color combination of resham and wool thread work. This Kurti is enriched with ethnic embroidery work detailed with 3mm sequins and mirror work. You can also use this floral patch to modify Traditional Iraq dishdasha long shirt of men.
·         Traditional Lace
·         Salwaar Suits Patterns
·         Tatami Lace Border
·         Parsi Paisley Tatami Border
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