Detachable Appliques Designs For Fleece Blanket

kulturele ontwerpe van appliekwerk
We are introduces six cultural designs of Appliques for those who like to decorate their cultural dresses. All these are new with little old embroidery design touch. This is incredible Quilt design influenced with tradition and one can use it to decorate sweatshirt jacket style. This applique is follows the balochi culture, it has multicolor resham thread design on chiffon fabric. You can also use this long printed designrt quilt to decorate table runner pattern as well.
·         Floral all over Jall
·         All over Jall
·         Fashion Designer dress
·         All over Metal
·         Panel Embroidery Designs
·         Traditional Lace
·         Salwaar Suits Patterns

Blom patroon appliekwerk ontwerp
Floral pattern Applique design is being used mostly by the designers to decorate hat sewing patterns now days. Splendid work of thread with nice theme of floral design is being done in this quilt. Designer are develop this quilt on artistic grinch fabric to give it modern style. You can also use this quilt on blouse, suits and silk saris pallu patterns are looking fabulous. This quilt is simple, but the artistic stuff in it is the embroidery are amazing.

·         All over creation
·         Satin Rose Floral Sequins Lace
·         Arebian latest neck 2012
·         Exclusive Garment Based Lace
·         C Pallu aishwarya Design
·         Lace Border For Pakistani Sari
·         Choli Design
·         Tunics For Women

tradisionele ontwerp van appliekwerk
Simple yet traditional design of Applique it is with the blend of new techniques and also have accessories. Silk fabric quilt have been used to decorate pullover bibs or blouse and choli patterns with built-in designs. Metal thread embroidery increases the wealth of this artistic quilt, and this could be also used on artistic saris pallu designs too. The paisley with floral design quilt also little girls they are also use it to design their doll suitcases and costumes designs too.
·         Mirror Paisley fancy lace
·         Multi All over butta
·         Monika Border
·         All over with boarder
·         Rajasthani Border
·         Bollywood Designer Dress
·         Royal Lace Border Designs
·         Rajasthani Ghagra

Nuwe tegniek appliekwerk
New technique Applique has artistic embroidery work. The long pattern of this quilt has free hand style of designs. This one has little change in thread and embroidery style. This is a classic style of quilt with little work of metal thread and sequins on it. You can use this applique to design victorian apron designs.  Free hand pattern quilt is being used widely on heavy dresses like saris too. This one is also very popular to decorate halloween quilt kits designs too.
·         Fom Rubber Dress
·         Arabian Neck
·         Embroidered Indian tunics

Amazing Appliek werk
Amazing Applique work designed on silky fabric. This one is mostly used on saris and dresses designs. Designer are use chicken wire fabric is being done to develop this floral quilt. Quilt style also modern in its nature and the theme of quilt is colorful give your dresses new and trendy styles. It has motif and thread embroidery that enhances the beauty of this quilt. Boys are also use this quilt to decorate their hero capes designs.
·         Handwork ladies suits
·         C Pallu by Girish
·         Mixed collection by Sohail

klassieke vry hand ontwerp appliekwerk ontwerp
This is a classic free hand design Applique design in golden and pink color combination. The quilt is just awesome and fit for decorate bias skirt patterns. Scattered dots theme of this quilt is always appreciates, designer are made a little change and trendy spots on cotton fabric background. It has an artistic design, designer use floss thread embroidery to develop this quilt. The simple casual but attractive Appliques catalog it is.
·         Bed Sheet All Over
·         Churidar Salwar Kameez Design
·         Fashion Designer suits
·         Ladies tops Computer Designs