Excellent Vintage Definition Appliques Designs

vintage definisie appliekwerk
We will present some of excellent vintage definition appliques from our proficient designers. The catalog of quilts we have made consists of all charming colors, variety of designs and embroidery techniques. All the included quilts are very awesome in terms of fashion. One can use these quilts to design parties wear fancy dresses. This pink color floral quilt has wool thread design on chiffon fabric.
·         A-line Ghagra kali
·         A-Z neck Embroidery Design

gratis kwiltwerk tydskrif
A stylish Applique design for design formal wear dresses. The quilt is in simple style with amazing floral design in yellow and blue color combination on silk background. This is a free quilting magazines is in new style with multicolor mixing. It has motif designs and golden color thread looks so nice. This one is go well on churidar frocks and pishwas dresses. This one is also used on buddhist nun clothing patterns too.

·         Royal Look Flat Lace-Border
·         T-shirt ladies Top
·         Floral all over Jall
·         All over Jall
·         Fashion Designer dress
·         All over Metal
·         Panel Embroidery Designs

resham draad haak kwiltwerk
It's a very fine free hand style Applique design which has orange and golden color combination. The quilt is decorated with resham thread crochet embroidery  designs and have a nice tissue fabric. This is a really very fine quilt design which has paisley figure looks so trendy. This one is best to decorate casual clothing catalog available at online. You can also put it on Indonesian national costumes designs too.
·         Salwaar Suits Patterns
·         Tatami Lace Border
·         Parsi Paisley Tatami Border

junior klere kwiltwerk
It's a best free hand style Applique design is best to design parties and functions wear dresses. You can also use it on blouse and neck designs. This quilt is decorate with junior clothing catalogs. This quilt has motif, and threads work. This one is go well on Lehnga or Saris drapes and dupatta patterns too. This quilt can be used on traditional lithuanian clothing and any other functions wear dresses too. The quilt is looking dazzling in green and orange color combination.
·         All over creation
·         Satin Rose Floral Sequins Lace
·         Arebian latest neck 2012
·         Exclusive Garment Based Lace
·         C Pallu aishwarya Design
·         Lace Border For Pakistani Sari
·         Choli Design

 Indian trend of Applique
The latest Indian trend of Applique design in glamorous blue and red color embroidery work. Red color embroidery quilt is best to decorate lehnga and Ghagra dresses patterns are looks so amazing. This one is also go well in caribbean clothing of occasions wear. This one is also used on frock, peshwas, Batik and Kebaya  costumes designs too. It's a free quilt catalog so there is no need to waste your time. All quilts patterns and color scheme are suits every type of dresses.
·         Mirror Paisley fancy lace
·         Multi All over butta
·         Monika Border
·         All over with boarder
·         Rajasthani Border
·         Bollywood Designer Dress
·         Royal Lace Border Designs

Indiese borduurwerk quilt ontwerp
This applique is best to design parties wear dresses for wedding and parties. This is Indian embroidery quilt design which has has a amazing motifs and moti handwork. This one is nice short quilt design in green color. This is new trend of cultural style of quilt is also go well on spiegel clothing. It has very fine color thread designs. All these appliques have usability to design particular dresses.
·         Rajasthani Ghagra
·         Fom Rubber Dress