July 2014 - 100+ Neck Designs Bulk Download

Latest Neck Designs For Bulk Download with Preview

Once Again We are Come With Our Regular Bulk Download Offer Of  Neck Embroidery Designs for July 2014 month. Under This Offer We Are Providing 100+ Bulk Embroidery Designs Of  Neck. To avail this bulk download instanly, select the payment link provided at the bottom of the page and you would instantly download all designs.

Here is the few concept of the designs you would receive with this package. There are 100+ designs in below concept that might attract you.





Preview Are Also Available Of This Bulk Designs. Select Any Of The Following Link from below list to check preview of all designs that are available with this package. In Each Folder Has A Six Neck Embroidery Designs That Means 100+ Embroidery Designs Are Available In This Pack.

You can also check video preview of the designs from below video. Here all the designs are provided in slideshow format.

Sr. No. Folder Code Designs Name Amount
1 3366AP Amazing Neck Design Collection For Winter 910
2 4137p Traditional Neck-Line Designs Collection For Winter 2014 786
3 4248P Modern Creations Of Neck Yoke Pattern Designs 866
4 4517p 2014 New Neck Designs For Girls Dresses 786
5 4516p 2014 Fashion Neck Designs For Summer Women Dresses 786
6 2486 Cultural Hand Work Embroidery Neck Designs 1786
7 4522p Top Quality Stylish Neck Designs For Women Dresses 786
8 2879 New Fashion Lady Neck Designs Collection 786
9 4614p Long Summer Neck Designs For Heavy Dresses 786
10 2878 Simply Gorgeous Blouse Design For Parties Wear 1780
11 2873 Intensive Embroidered Neck Designs 786
12 4848p Six Colorful Neck Designs For Ladies Dresses 885
13 4859p 2014 Popular Viscose Fabric Neck Designs 750
14 2881 Modern Creations In Neck Design 1489
15 2882 Expert Designers Amazing Creations Neck Designs 2249
16 2923 Tremendous Indian Neck Designs 737
17 4895p Special Designer Neck Designs For Women Dresses 800
18 5049P Neckline Designs With Lace For Knee Length Dresses 910
19 5046P Australian Style Neck Designs For Women Dresses 630
20 5047P Bhutanese Fashion Neck Designs For Wedding Apparels 786

Total amount for all those neck designs are 20,080 INR, but due to July bulk download offer, you would get this designs at just 576 INR.

There are two methods you can pay us. For Indian Customers, can use credit card/debit card or net banking to make payment using below link. Below payment link will work in all over the world, you can use below payment link to purchase and download all those designs instantly.

There is another method of payment, for this bulk download offer. You can also make payment using paypal. Please note that, Indian customers must use above link to make payment. PayPal is for out side Indian customers.

If you still have any query, feel free to chat live with our customer care representatives or email us on care@embdesigntube.com for more help.
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