Navajo Applique Designs For Venetian Clothing

ontsagwekkende appliekwerk ontwerp
We have some awesome Applique designs with latest thread embroideries. These quilts are widely used to modify women vintage clothing designs. This is a simple silk fabric quilt has colorful floral figure design in resham threads. It's best to decorate outfits like Lehenga Choli or Ghagra etc. bridal dresses designs. This floral quilts is also go well on swiss clothing or formal and casual clothing of girls and children as well.
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tradisionele Navajo appliekwerk ontwerp
We have many designs of Applique, this is one of them. This quilt has amazing paisley design in red and purple color combination is really looking very attractive. It's a perfect design to decorate traditional navajo clothing patterns. You can also do some handwork in this simple style of quilt like moti or stone etc. and give it little heavy look. This is available in the online market and still designers use to modify venetian clothing. 
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Mexikaanse styl quilt
Most of occasions and wedding wear dresses are comes with this style of applique designs. Young girls really love to use this floral design embroidery quilt in Lehenga Choli for their weddings. This is a mexican style quilt, it has multicolor wool thread with sequins design on cotton fabric. Long and large floral shape with accessory work quilt is highly being used now days. You may also design some tuareg clothing designs too.

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noordelike moderne quilt
Geometric round shape design of the Applique with thread work in dark tone color. Tiny spot quilt give attractive look to this dresses and saris. This western style embroidery quilt is also use to design tupac clothing for northern modern girls. It's perfect to decorate frock or shirts dresses designs too. Blue, orange and yellow color combination makes it perfect to design various dresses. This quilt is specially designed for modify traditional eskimo clothing. 
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Suid-Asiatiese Quilt
This Paisley design Applique designed for decorate western clothing with South Asian styles. Light orange and blue color thread work on silk fabric quilt has traditional pattern. The embroidery work of resham thread and use of accessory is the real beauty of this quilt. Series of green color small dot spots at center gives impressive look. The design is really superb, you can also use it to design fashionable vintage clothing.
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Antieke borduurwerk Quilt
Casual embroidery Applique design has amazing floral design. Round shape style pattern is being used widely and gives unique impression to this quilt. Antique embroidery pattern 2014 of quilt has wool thread work give it more fancy styles. Design of quilt is superb and can be used on any type of dresses like Vraka, panavaki and karamani clothing. Quilt has irish crochet pattern that really very popular these days.
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