Full Colorful Embroidered Beading Lace Designs

kleurvolle borduurwerk draad Kant grens
The new catalog of Lace borders for 2014-2015 dresses also has amazing designs. The following catalog is superb and the best for decorate casual dresses. The lace consist of long length and mostly used on ancient costumes, short kurtis, shirt and coat patterns which is looking very nice. Lace borders are being designed with colorful embroidered thread work. This satin leaf work lace is also use to design egyptian headdress for women.
tradisionele Franse Kant grens
This one is very wide Lace border design which has very fine floral and paisley designs  with cyan color sequins work. Lace is used as belt strip to hold romanesque costumes and Lawn suit dresses designs. Hope you will like this detailed work new designer lace of this season. This lace is in linen fabric with multicolor thread work make it perfect to decorate traditional french dresses designs.
hand gemaak kant grens ontwerp
In this catalog we are introduced hand made Lace border design. This lace has colorful and decent thread embroidery work with golden sequins floral designs are looking gorgeous. This lace border is designed for decorate traditional turkish dresses according to the modern fashion. This lace is giving classic impression to greek headdress designs.
antieke kultuur Kant grens ontwerp
This Lace border is highly appreciated these days and especially designed for decorate casual parties and shopping wear dresses. The lace is taken from ancient culture but the this lace is introduced with some cultural changes. The lace will look amazing with floral and paisley designs. This one has incredible green and yellow color thread work on the cotton fabric. This lace is also use to design art nouveau costumes according to the modern fashion.
kant stof Kant grens ontwerp
This is best in silk fabric Lace border design is highly appreciated by young girls for its paisley designs. This one is specially made to decorate babylonian clothing patterns. This lace is introduced with resham thread embroidery work. This lace has artistic print in green color shades and ornaments is give your dresses a perfect look to your german renaissance clothing designs. 
Antieke Midde-Oosterse styl Kant grens
Ancient middle eastern style Lace border design is perfect to decorate wedding wear dresses. This one is simple lace is also popular in all over the Asia. It's a premium lace design introduced with blue color sequins with embroidery work. This embroidery lace contain motif work with wool thread on cotton fabric. It's go well on neck line, dupatta and grecian headdress patterns also looking very wonderful.
16de eeu Kant grens mode
Now a day’s 16th century Lace border fashion is very common, In this premium catalog, we are introduced this stylish lace with  geometric design in multicolor threads embroidery work. This lace has attractive floral work on net fabric is used to make sleeves or janissary costume patterns are looking gorgeous.  These types of laces are mostly used to make casual party wear dresses.

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