Norwegian Quilt Designs For Maxi Dresses

Quilt JANOME draad borduurwerk
Today designer team has brought a very innovative and creative Applique catalog. It has ethnic patterns used on bridal dresses. This quilt has janome thread embroidery work. In this catalog have stunning designs and patterns. This one is used on cultural bridal lehnga and ghagra choli dresses patterns. Most of the designs with quilt embellishments with Indian culture. All these are used on wedding dresses.

·         Arabian Neck Designs
·         Fancy Embroidery neck from UAE
·         Lace Border Designs

gerekenariseerde naaimasjien Quilt
Innovation machine Applique design for dress designing. Latest trendy quilt design with new impact designing use to decorate cultural dresses. The use of latest computerized sewing machine techniques of quilt designing. Designer are developed new shapes floral work with cultural designs. This quilt is use to decorate traditional dresses to give a complete new look.
·         Silk Designer Patch
·         Kurti Designs Combo Pack Offer
·         All over Jall - Part-2
·         Dazzling Kalidar Lehengas

cutwork masjien borduurwerk Quilt
This Applique style is in cutwork machine embroidery pattern. This one is good style of quilt design used on class quilt design. This one is new style quilt is adopted to decorate casual or semi-formal wear dresses. These types of quilt designs have digital embroidery designs. The quilt has short style of designing looking very amazing. It has motifs and sequins work with contrast color style. This one is most preferred by designer to make specially teen age girls dresses.
·         Fancy Less
·         Fresh Daman
·         Designer Dupatta Designs

gewilde borduurwerk ontwerp Quilt
This one is very fine blue color floral Applique design is a creation of expert designers. This quilt mostly used on casual kameez and ghaghra dresses. The quilt has popular embroidery designs with resham with zari and sequins work which is enhancing its beauty. This three some with sequins work patterns. Applique is in new style pattern with having sequins work. This one is best quilt design to decorate flower purses patterns.
·         Flat All over Design
·         Garment Embroidery Design  
·         All Over By Tarang

motief blomme appliekwerk ontwerp
This one is motifs floral Applique design with leaf work pattern. This one is update design. This quilt has scarlet hues with contemporary floral design with unique patterns. It has sewing embroidery work with trendy detail with sequin work looking amazing. This quilt has glamorous attractive design with multicolor combination. We have many designed of easter applique design for parties dresses.
·         Wide Cording Border Lace
·         Daman Zari Saree
·         Multi Touch Sequin Dupatta
·         Cording Brocade Lace Border
·         All over floral
·         Border for Saree

kreatiewe ontwerp borduurwerk appliekwerk ontwerp
This Applique is a great combination of modern style and class work by professional designer. The quilt is flower embroidery really incredible design at first look give funky style. Short style quilt design has been designed with simple pattern to use to decorate neck pattern and blouse patterns. This quilt has curvy floral design with colorful thread work. This quilt has creative design embroidery is really giving awesome.
·         China Rose Floral Cording Lace
·         A-line Ghagra kali