300*1200 all over Fashionable Ladies Salwar kameez by Uday Jariwala

The folder has also been provided by Uday Jariwala from Surat.The design is 300 mm area of flat multi embroidery design can be used in curtain, bed covers & table cloths & decorative cloths can also be designed with the design.The design is in 4 colors with 75758 stitches.
This design is also in 300 area all over top with amazing background look stitches effects like jaal as butta concept embroidery design.You can also use the design in Saree pallu embroidery design by making it from horizontal to vertical.

This design is in cross panel type flat embroidered dupata with 5 colors.You can also say this dupatta as rose dupatta, you also can set kashmere matching to give it attractive look.
This is embroidery butta concept dupatta design with 5 colored thread.This design is talk of the town embroidery design in Surat textile market.The design can be set in medium range dupatta embroidery design.The main 5 butta can be use with each other to make low range top design with new & latest concept.
This is all over top embroidery design with wonderful background effect.Zigzag satin with run stitch is used to make the background of the design.You can use the same colored background as that of the cloth to highlight the butta of the design.
This all over top design background is made up of motif fill jaal & you can highlight the butta of design by same colored thread as that of the cloths.The designs can be used in salwaar kameez designs.