Indian Ghagra Choli Embroidery designs

 This is 5 colored 3 mm sequin with border paisley design for embroidery industry.It is designed for 400 mm area for embroidered Ghagra kali design.
 This is flat embroidery design having artificial look because of small figure of designs.There is place for doing extra handwork with the design.
 This is low range with sequin embroidery design taken from daman concept & set up in kali embroidery design.There is 4 colored threads used with the design.
 This is natural living peacock embroidery design used with Ghagra kali.Only multi has been used with the design in 5 colored threads.Feather border has been used with the design to give live artificial look.
 This is 3 mm sequin embroidery kali designs with flat multi outing with golden zari.You have to use double kali than the ordinary kali due to the thickness of the design.You can also add extra less with the design.The patti(leaves figure) can be separated & modified into round shape to make it dupatta embroidery design.
 3 mm 3 mm double sequin has been used in this kali embroidery design.There is also placement of adding extra handwork with this design if you are creative type of designer you can make most with this design to give it attractive look.Till date, peoples are using Brasso style embroidery design but in this design,you will find sequins overlapped by Brasso.
 This is design of couple playing rajasthani folk dance, embroidery design.It is designed in only flat embroidery without multi in 6 colored threads.In outline of design,you can use black colored thread or same as that mentioned in the design.It is 250 mm area flat embroidery design.
 This is 3 mm & 5 mm double sequins Ghagra kali embroidery design.The design has also 3 colored multi thread.There is an extra space to add handwork in this Ghagra kali.You can also use stone,pari,resham, sequins, zari, beads ,kundans, jari etc with the design to give it attractive appearance.
This is Ghagra Choli kali Embroidery designs with 3 mm sequins.The kali embroidery design is in 400 mm area in low cost with low range.There is combination of multi as well as sequin embroidery designs.

This is Kali in 5 MM sequin with Simple Silk Ribbon Embroidery design.You can also make ribbon work with the design and it is rarely available in Embroidery industry.You can use different different types of ribbon depending on your choice with the design.
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