Cashmere all over flat Salwar Kameez Embroidery by Uday Jariwala

 The design has been shared by Uday JariWala from Surat.The main purpose of the design is all over ladies dress top however you can also use the design in bed cover.The design is in 5 color high range embroidery design with wonderful stitch effect including motif & satin stitch.
The another design is of 250 mm area embroidery design and the height of the design is suitable to all over lump.The design can be completely spread on the cloth with butta butti & you can also use the design in curtains.The stitch effect of the design & color combination of the design is really appreciable.

Only run stitch jall type embroidery design concept is vary famous in Morbi & saurastra as well as Rajasthan, bikaner & south India.The design is in Nepali test with jari outing concept is also familiar among the peoples.

The design is made in high range embroidery by tone to tone contrast matching in 3 colored thread.The design can also be used in Ladies top and salwar kameez embroidery design.It is otherwise called as multi flat embroidery in all over jall convcept.

The flat multi embroidery design in 6 colors in counter stitch with motif fill stitch.Black shading is given in contrast butta.There is also given awesome combination of counter stitch & satin stitch & the design is available for tajima machine format.You can also use the design to design Luxury cashmere clothes.

The design is in braso stitch all over multi flat embroidery design.The design can be digitized in 1 color tone to tone thread & another one in contrast matching thread.The design can be used to create ladies dress embroidery and the design is very hot favorite in Delhi.You can also do some handwork with the design to give it traditional look.