Salwar Kameez flat embroidered new stitch pattern by Tabish Iqbal

This salwar kameez design folder has been shared by Tabish Iqbal.The designs are actually created in his own factory and we must say they have very good collection of embroidery design.The embroidery design can be digitized in 330 mm area with border & mango shape figure.Satin stitch button has been used to make the border of the embroidery design.Straight panel design can be used in ladies salwar kameez dancy embroidery design.You can make dupatta & scarf from the upper half portion of the design.
Ladies top design has been made in less color,beautiful creation & medium cost embroidery design.The new stitch pattern has been used in entire design.The flower can be used to make ladies dupatta embroidery design.

Rose top geometrical embroidery design pattern has been made in similar concept as above.Mirror stitch and satin stitch combination has been combined in the awesome way.The design can be also used in top embroidery design.
The small figure design is really wonderful.The combination of counter stitch type look & mirror stitch effect combination is also really appreciative.You can also use swarovski gemstone with the top design provided here.There is the best placement to do handwork as well as 3 mm sequin in all designs provided here.