Daman Embroidery Designs For Curtains

All the design here are of latest daman concept embroidery designs in 330 mm area.You can use all those designs for traditional looking sarees as well as Dress embroidery designs.Those designs are simple but attractive figure & there is no need of using border with the designs.brochat lace instant of border.you may also add extra brochat lace instead of border.Lots of embroidery machine owners and designers are searching for the low range embroidery designs and those are one example of them.
The low cost embroidery design here can be used in Saree pallu.There are 6 different threads color used with the design.The flower and mango shape has been covered in the design.
The bottom portion of the design can be also used in Burka by modifying it.You can also use the same design's main portion in corner of dining table cloth's corner.The small butties can be set in all over type embroidery design.The all over design can be used in curtain.
The designs are actually in Saree pallu but you can use it in different ways like in Curtain embroidered cloth, Table cloth's corner, Burkas etc.